ISO 9001: 2008 Certification

In 2010, S / A Fósforos Gaboardi completed 42 years. The success of the group shows that seriousness, dedication, honesty and teamwork have been constant from the founders to the current administrators; the difficulties encountered in these 42 years have been overcome. Now the company celebrates another achievement, it recently implemented the Quality Management System through the standardization of its activities according to “ISO 9001: 2008”. This achievement defines the Gaboardi Group as a futuristic Management company, always with the vision of teamwork combined with constant searches for product quality.

The RD (Representative of the board of directors before the qualification) Sérgio Felipe explains that the process to receive the certificate began about two years ago, with the preparation (training and work instructions) of the company to conform to the Standard. “We organized a quality committee to coordinate the entire process, where each member was responsible for a particular industry. After this process we went through an audit that attested the quality of our product “. On June 4, Gaboardi received certification from the company Bureau Veritas Certification, valid for three years. During this period, maintenance audits will be carried out.

With this, the company ensured the quality in the manufacture and sale of matches, meeting the requirements of customers, producing according to the laws and current standards and good manufacturing practices. All suppliers, customers and production processes are evaluated periodically and nonconformities generate corrective and / or preventive actions to ensure continuous improvement. Gaboardi is the first Brazilian phosphorus company to win the certificate.

“This certificate is a differential and puts us on a new level, where responsibility increases, because we need to maintain this level,” said Edson Gaboardi, president of the Group.

Quality Policy
“Our commitment is to transform wood from reforestation into match sticks, seeking the continuous improvement of our processes through the constant improvement of production techniques and commercial management practices, ensuring the fulfillment of the requirements of the product and the satisfaction of our customers and users finals. “

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